What is #wityayl?

#wityayl is about asking the most important question for all humans - What’s important to you and your life? (#wityayl).

When people are asked What’s important to you and your life? they:

  • experience acknowledgement as an individuals
  • feel connected with the person/organisation who has asked
  • are inspired and take action to live within the context of #wityayl
  • think about the question every day

Why we created #wityayl

We created the #wityayl movement because of how few of us live within the context of what matters to us, mostly because we have never been asked that question.

Because of this, many of us live a life that society, our parents and the media have told us we should live. We are constantly keeping up with the Jones’s and failing.

Why asking the question is so powerful

Once someone asks you this question, you set about creating and communicating your authentic self. You actively seek out those who will assist and support you in creating a life you love. You never forget the day someone asked you that question.

A movement to connect people

Our movement, technology and programs enhance the connection between people and between people and organisations both in the physical and digital world.

It inspires people to be powerful in everything they do, to live within the context of their answer to #wityayl and to create lives they love.

And it’s not just about the connection between people as individuals but also the connection between people and organisations. Imagine if an organisation actually cared about what matters to you and worked to empower you around that. Marketing and customer relationships would be forever changed.

When it’s an authentic two-way conversation between organisation and customer, the connection is for life.

#wityayl is about enabling you to live a fulfilling, meaningful life now, not someday in the future but right now.

Our mission

Our mission is to that everyone in the world will be asked this question. Imagine the impact that could have on families, communities, societies, regions, countries, the world. If everyone in the world lived by the context of what is important to them and their loved ones, what kind of world could we create? It seems so simple! It will just take a lot of people asking. And we want you to be part of that.

Statistically, with more than 7.7 billion people on the planet, we can’t achieve that goal on our own. It would take more than our lifetime.

However, we can provide the resources, tools and community to inspire you to join us as #wityayl ambassadors and ask the people in your life the question.

Who will you ask #wityayl?