What’s important to you and your life? is the most important, impactful question you will likely ever ask someone.

Asking what’s important matters

Asking someone What’s important to you and your life? isn’t a common question. In fact, nearly 80% of the people we surveyed said that had never been asked that question before.

Considering that these same people also said that the question was important to them, we were shocked.

What if everyone in the world was asked this question?

Imagine what could be possible if everyone in the world was asked this question. Wars might be prevented, societies might collaborate more on sustainable ventures and people might unleash their creativity more.

Think about it. It’s so simple and maybe you’re thinking too simple, but asking this question could make a huge difference to the people in your life and that could have a ripple effect as more and more people ask the question.

5 steps to asking the question

There is a method to asking the question to ensure the greatest impact. We’ve put together some steps below:

  1. Pick someone (or more than one) important to you
  2. Ask them the question: What’s important to you and your life?
  3. Just listen
  4. Ask them “What does that look like?” — you want to make sure you understand what they said, and what that looks like in reality
  5. Ask them how you could assist them to make What’s important to them and their life? a reality

A note on listening

Listening is both hearing and understanding what someone says. You may find what someone says triggers you or makes you want to chime in. We encourage you to just listen. Don’t add your own views, get defensive or jump in. It sounds like that should be easy but for many of us this takes practice, just like riding a bike.

The impact of asking the people in your life the question

Having this conversation will significantly deepen your connection in the days, weeks and months ahead. Not only will you get a greater sense of what makes the other person tick but you’ll also start considering how you can enable them to fulfil on what is important to them. And if they are also doing the same for you, then that makes for a more connected world.

Who are you going to ask?