Tell me a bit about you.

Okay so I am Polish and for almost 4 years I’ve been travelling around the world to find my place on earth that I could settle down in.

And I am a Masters student right now. So, after I graduated from management back in Poland, I decided to take 2 years away just to travel and explore who I am.

And that’s what I did. I lived in Germany for a year. I lived in Australia and I fell in love with this blessed country, so I was trying to do everything I could to go come back.

What I’m doing now? I actually work for creative industries. That’s what I want to do in the future and I guess I finally found my purpose.

Therefore, you’re here interviewing me in the space of startups actually evolving because that’s what I want to do in the future, to help them on. I am excited for the upcoming couple of months. And I guess that I’m not sure if Australia is a place that I’ll be living for the rest of my life but it’s a fun start.

So, what’s your focus in creative industries?

So, my end game probably would be to have my own company but before I do it I really want to know how to help other people and creative industries allow me to connect my to passion, so creative thinking and implementing innovative processes in their company, so in the company that I either want to own or help out. So that’s why I decided to pursue that particular industry.

What’s important to you and to your life?

What’s important yeah… I guess my family. That’s the one thing, the one core thing and fundamental thing in my life that I wouldn’t be able to pursue my goals and dreams without. And I think happiness.

Maybe a couple of weeks ago I would say just having good company, having a good job or actually doing that. But I guess all I need now is just internal happiness, and that could be only managed in social interactions. I think that is just like freezing the moment, just looking around what you’ve done and what I’m actually doing to appreciate the moment.

Yes. So what does that look like in your day to day life, in reality?

Of course, the reality is completely different and, I’m not kidding, it takes me a lot of time during the day to find random spots and think ‘what’s important to me?’ because we are people. We forget on a daily basis. We just really worry about things that don’t matter to us so much. They don’t matter so much. but we forget about this and we keep going and we actually prioritize things differently. They are contrary to what we are actually trying to do. And yeah, actually bringing happiness to our life means we’re doing something different and we want that but we still want to manage it. So I think what I’m doing is just sit, I just wait and just think what to do to change because everything is inside your head. Nothing around you changes, that’s the only thing you have, in your head.

Yeah. So if your family and happiness is really important to you, what can you see to do as a stepping stone to put that in reality for you?

I don’t think I can answer that question because yesterday there was like a moment when I realized that even though I was trying for many years to change myself in the way that I would actually like to start pushing things, I still cannot do it. So. If I think what would be the ideal thing for me to do now is maybe just start my day by actually underlining the values that are important to me, so maybe instead of just being caught up at some point during the day, I should start out my day actually saying the same thing that I would say when I’m at the end. Maybe that would be a good thing.

I think that’s a great start.

Yeah that’s a great idea. So, let’s just remember it not only when the problem occurs, just try to prevent that problem from happening. So, even if I’m talking about problems inside you.

I got it. Okay. So are there any events, people or things that have happened in your life experiences that have shaped what matters to you?

Yeah, I mean of course previous experience with people around you, just they shape who you are.

I don’t think that events have made me actually different. I think, just the people around me. And it wasn’t always the positive. A lot of times I think I’ve learned the most from the negative feedback or the negative situations that were happening in my life. But looking from your perspective I actually now find this helpful and constructive. So, everything that happened which was bad in my life actually turned out into a positive.

Can you give me an example?

The situation that I don’t want to share I guess, I mean they’re the ones that actually changed me but I could say that for example last time when I was here in Australia I was a completely different person. Countries change people. I’ve been changing my countries every year to a different environment, different people, different cultures and I can actually say that that’s what can change people as well. So, it’s just how can you cope with things around you?

So, has anyone ever asked you this question before?

Um, ah yes because my mom is a psychologist. So at on that point, I don’t know if talking to her on the phone means that I’m talking to a mom or a psychologist. I have been under a psychologist observation for 24 years. That’s why I know that you should actually do that, to find out, because that’s what she’s taught me to do.

So how has that being asked that question, how has that impacted your life?

Yeah, a lot. Yeah, it’s just, it’s a huge impact. It’s like, people, they don’t realize what they’re doing, or why they’re doing things, so it’s nice to actually find things that connect you just to you, not the things that would make other people happy. So it’s just a point of knowing yourself.

How often do you think about that?

I would say that every time when I travel and I am in a new environment and I have to deal with everything starting from finding a job, finding accommodation, finding new friends, finding everything. So that’s where I think about this the most.

Yeah cool. So who in your life do you think would benefit from being asked this question?

I think that I was gifted by having my mom as a psychologist to tell me that. But I guess people would contribute from that. People would use it a lot if anyone asked them that.

About Paulina

Paulina is a Masters student in Creative Industries at QUT.