Where are you from?

Brisbane, Australia

So, tell me a little about you.

So I grew up in Queensland and my family is from all around the world so my dad’s from Burma which is near Thailand. Oh yeah. And then his dad is from Portugal. And then on my Mum’s side we’ve got Chinese and then Australian.

But we kind of just moved around my whole childhood because my mum’s a teacher.

So, was in Brisbane and then Toowoomba and Harvey Bay. And when I was growing up I was really into sports and I played like basketball and volleyball and things like that. And then I got into music. Probably the last 10 years I’ve been playing music. It started playing clarinet. And then I went to play the saxophone and drums, piano, bass. And then I had to taught myself how to sing.

Actually at the moment I’m writing an album, my first album. It’s coming out soon actually. The studio.

Yes, too many different hobbies, I guess, put into one. And then I started a photography business last year.

What’s important to you and your life?

Probably just being able to express myself through music and just to be able to make someone else’s day better even with it being with music or just having a conversation with somebody. But I think that’s very important.

So what does that look like in reality?

So. I don’t know. Just little the small things like when I’m working, you know, try to be as happy as you can because, I’ve done it for a long time and if you don’t putting out positive influence yourself it’s kind of just going to be the same and you’re gonna have a bad day if you’re looking at it from that way. So I’m just trying to brighten up people’s days. Things like that.

What specific experiences have shaped your view?

Probably my mom. Yeah. I was brought up with just my mom. My dad left when I was really young. So, I guess she showed me what hard work was, working lots of jobs just to go through and then she was doing her degree in teaching and education, whilst doing two jobs to support us.

So I guess that kind of influenced me to work hard, always be out on the job. And then her dad, I never met him because he passed away, but he was a jazz musician who travelled around the world. And so I guess when I was young he gave me his saxophone and it’s like 60 years old. It’s kind of shaped. me to play music and then I met lots of amazing people on the journey and that’s kind of just pushed me even further, to write my music and stuff.

About Oliver

Oliver is a musician and barista.