Where are you from?


So, tell me a little about you.

So I’m Nicolas. I’m 21 this year. I grew up in Malaysia. Yeah, I was born in a small small town. I’m pursuing my architecture degree right now. So. I just started studying in Australia. I’ve just been here this year. It’s going good so far. Not many obstacles. Everything’s going just fine.

I’m in second year right now, second semester. Yeah. It’s my first year studying in Australia. But I’ve been doing this degree program for two years back in Malaysia.

I came to Australia because I feel like I need a change, change of life, maybe change of lifestyle. A lot of people in Malaysia move to Australia to study, to pursue their education.

What’s important to you and your life?

Right now I just want to graduate. Right now the most important part of my life is to get that degree. And then I’ll see what happens next. It’s my second year and I have 3 more years to go.

So what does life look like for you if you’re prioritizing your education?

It’s very, very busy. I don’t have much time for myself so I dedicate all my time into my studies, yeah, but still trying to manage my time for work life balance.

What specific experiences have shaped your view?

I just feel like the people around me sometimes just keep me going. They fill me with all their enthusiasm, so it keeps my life going, like friends, close friends. Yeah, we share something, you know. I think its friends around me that have shaped who I am right now.

Who else do you think could benefit from being asked this question?

My parents, yeah, because they send me here to pursue this degree. And it’s not easy for them so it’s a way to give back for what they have done in my life. Yeah.

They work hard for my education. They sacrifice a lot. So I think I always tell myself the only way to give back for what they have done for me is to get this degree, to get my education.

About Nicolas

Nicolas is studying architecture at Queensland University of Technology