Where are you from?

Coffs Harbour, Australia

What’s your background?

Yeah, so, I was born in Coffs Harbour, in New South Wales, and I grew up there. I recently moved to Brisbane for uni so I study Bachelor of Biomedical Science at QUT. And yeah, my career aspiration is, I want to get into cardiac sonography so that’ll be pretty good.

I just really love helping people and through this degree I’ve actually found out my passion as well. So, I’ve done a bit of imaging and that has kind of made me think I would actually like to pursue this. I get to help people at the same time and work alongside doctors and it would be really rewarding I reckon.

So I’m second semester. I’ve got one more year and, all my peers, as well, they’ve been so supportive and we all get along. We’re quite a tight group, quite a tight cohort, so that’s a good environment.

What’s important to you and your life?

So my number one thing would have to be just family. I am very much a family person. I love spending birthdays, Christmas and all that with family. It’s just, it’s really good to just be close and be caring for one another.

And probably second to that is swimming. I am a really keen swimmer. As well as my career and everything, I’m very focused on those two things at the moment.

When I was little, whenever we were at the beach I’d always just, well, crawl to the water’s edge and my parents would have to chase after me and that kind of thing. Then they decided to give me the swimming lessons and it just kind of went from there.

I started doing competitive swimming, got to national level and my passion kept building. So, the higher I got, the more I wanted to pursue it. And yeah, not to mention I made so many great friends and great connections with my coaches and everything. And it’s a good escape as well.

I just love the achievements at the end of the day and then after each training session I love the feeling of fatigue, I guess. Coz I feel like I’ve given it my all and I walk away and I just feel good. It’s hard to explain but it just… it feels good.

What was it like to move so far away from home?

Initially, it was a little bit strange moving up here because I’m so used to having my family there. Yeah. All of a sudden I’m moving to somewhere where my family are 400 kilometers away or more. Some of them live in Sydney and stuff.

My brother moved up here to start at UQ this year. Yeah. but so far we haven’t really been in contact because we’ve just been so busy. Yeah. So many assignments to do, so many tasks. Yeah. It’s crazy. Yeah. I mean now, second year, I feel a lot more comfortable. I mean. I go home during the breaks and then for me at the moment, that’s enough. I mean I’m still maintaining that family connection and involvement.

What specific experiences have shaped your view?

I never really thought about it but thinking of it now, basically people who have just been involved in the things that are important to me. So, obviously, my immediate family, my swimming coaches, and even just my friends from school and from university have just been really influential in a positive way. I wouldn’t say I really look up to anyone as such. It’s just more the people who were supporting me.

Has anyone ever asked you this question before?

No they haven’t. Yeah. I think it’s really good for someone to actually come up and ask me what I care about and what I value in life. It just really means a lot because people don’t typically ask that question so it doesn’t really show that they really care about you and your life. So it shows that you do care. I think that’s brilliant.

Who in your life would benefit from being asked this question?

I’m not gonna ever say specifically but there are certain people in my life who do kind of shy away from social activities because they do have a bit of depression going on and I feel like people asking this question may kind of make them feel a bit more valued and cared about. I think that would be really good for them, so people who are struggling mentally.

About Amanda

Amanda is studying biomedical science at Queensland University of Technology.