Where are you from?

I’m from the Sunshine Coast. I moved here [to Brisbane] about a year and a half ago and I’m living in a share house, attending university.

So tell me a little about you.

I’m second year in Uni, studying a Bachelor of Journalism minoring in Politics.

I grew up in Perigian. It’s a beachside town so we were always outdoors doing stuff, swimming. I miss the beach every day.

I went to high school in Sunshine and I was a big part of the music program. I guess that really shaped my sense of community. And I loved doing things with that, so I was very very busy. I was always go-getting. And I guess that drove me to get straight into university doing something I love. I haven’t really had a break but I kind of love that.

What’s important to you and your life?

I guess having a solid foundation of friends is very important to me. Like, a small group but a close knit strong group. I love staying busy and going out with my friends and working hard and filling my days. I hate sitting around. So, keeping busy is a very important part of my life and having a strong support system with my family and friends, I would say.

What specific experiences have shaped your view?

I guess my mum. So, I grew up mostly with my mum and she was a single mum for as long as I can remember since I was little.

So, she would always, just like me, fill her days with work to make rent and pay the bills and keep us happy but she always managed to be home in the afternoons to look after me and my brother.

So I guess that sense of ‘a woman that can do anything if she has to’ that really shaped me. Yeah, working hard but also making time for family.

About Lily

Lily is a 2nd year Journalism and Politics student at the University of Queensland.