Where are you from?

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

So, tell me a little about you.

I grew up here. I’ve been in Brisbane all my life, spent a few years travelling around Europe and that. Yeah. Yeah, back at uni again. I’m studying computer science, focusing on data science and machine learning.

What’s important to you and your life?

It’s a very broad question isn’t it. Ah, family, friends, my partner obviously. They’re probably the most important things really.

I don’t know how to elaborate on that. I think the relationships you form are probably the most meaningful part of your life and, I think, a reflection of your friends and your family and, yeah, I think when you look back over your life the things you remember are the memories you’ve made with other people.

I don’t use my phone a lot because I prefer personal interactions with people. Yeah, just trying to make the most of the time, being present when I’m with someone, that sort of thing.

What specific experiences have shaped your view?

Well I think a lot of that comes from your family growing up. My parents did a pretty good job of raising me if I do say so myself. So, it’s obviously a huge factor.

And I’ve been lucky enough to have really good friends and now have a partner, hopefully my wife next year. We’ve been together almost four years now. Yeah, I put a ring on it [grins] so just sorting out the wedding now.

About Ben

Ben is studying computer science at the University of Queensland.