Where are you from?

I am from Sydney, Australia

What’s your background?

My name is Elliot and I’m profoundly deaf in my left ear and severely deaf in my right. Both for different reasons. I grew up with hearing aids for both ears and in 2013 received a cochlear implant in my left ear.

My parents liked travelling so I ended up attending over 10 schools while growing up such along the east coast of Australia and homeschooling in Europe. Having hearing loss has helped me approach the world in a unique way and become very visual and fascinated with interactive design for games and software.

I found it challenging to adapt to the new way of hearing after receiving my cochlear implant and currently developing an gamified auditory training app to not only help those with hearing loss to new sounds and confidence, but also working with clinicians to help maximise support with on-going training.

What’s important to you and your life?

For me personally, I think there are a few elements that are important to me and my life:

Family and Friends

I feel that Family and Friends are important as they not only help shape who you are, but also, can be a good foundation for help and supporting each other.

Your calling/passion/what you like to do

I believe it’s important to find something that is you feel is your calling or something you’re very passionate about and drawn to. It can help with new aspects in life such as character development, learning, contributing value and generally being engaged in what you feel is a meaningful way. For me, my passion was around interactive design and games, which has led me to develop and create Hearoes to help others with hearing loss learn sounds in a comfortable environment.

Helping them in some big or small ways

I think that it’s important to try and help others (in big and small ways), when you can, because everyone has their ups and downs and you never know when you might need support or an ear to talk to.


I believe that health and well-being is incredibly important element in life to look after.

Believing in yourself and seek growth

I believe this is a very important factor throughout all aspects in life and it can be easier said than done. But when you believe in yourself it can allow you to push yourself and achieve things that you might have not thought were possible. In many cases, it can be good to be out of your comfort zone as that is where a lot of the growth and experience is, which is another element I believe is important in life. Growing up as the only deaf person in most of the schools I attended and places I lived, there were many places where no one had heard of a Hearing Aid, or met someone who is deaf, and I was out of my comfort zone all the time. At the time, I found it quite challenging, however, looking back, I don’t regret any of it, as it helped me be the person I am today, from the experiences to the outlook that I have on life.

What specific experiences, people or events have shaped your view?

My Parents. Mum is a writer and Dad is a photographer and both being successful with and continued doing what they were passionate about in doing their own thing (and working together). The experiences around this is amazing and this helped me realise that with passion and dedication that you can do your own thing and create things that other people can use and find value in.

About Elliot

Elliot is the founder of Hearoes.