Where are you from?

Brisbane, Australia.

What’s your background?

I was born New Zealand. We migrated to Australia when I was five and then we spent time in Brisbane to grade seven, then moved up to the Sunshine Coast.

I lived there till I was about 16 and then moved back to Brisbane. And then sort of did time on the Gold Coast and in Sydney, but mostly basically in Brisbane.

Primary school was really cool. We got to hang out and we didn’t really move around that much but then obviously as you grow older things get complicated I guess — teenage years and all that sort of stuff — the complexity of life.

Describe your life right now

Good question. I’m going through lots of new chapters personally, professionally, friend wise — I think it’s almost like I’m doing my teen routine all over again whereby new growth, hard learning, new growth. Yeah it’s complex.

I think I’m still not balanced yet. I have been working on it for some time.

What’s important to you and your life?

Obviously my children, being healthy, being happy all those fundamental foundations that allow you to be a successful human. Those are the sort of things that are important to me. What is it you need to be a successful human? It’s about family, friends. happiness, health — nothing too complex in that regard.

It’s messy. Certainly, it’s not as straightforward as a lot of people may live their lives but then again, what you see on the front is very different from what’s underneath.

I think I’ve learned that there’s is a perception that what I have is very successful, and that I’m a super, successful human, but they don’t realize just how messy and challenging and difficult things are underneath as you’re trying to move through life.

Life is hard. It’s complex. It’s being human.

What specific experiences, people or events have shaped your view?

I think it’s those people who are stand up for what they believe in and who are brave. Observing what they do to actually be brave whether that’s speaking out about something, or making a decision or sharing of value and being true to the self… I think that’s always something I’ve looked to and I’ve been doing that ever since I was a very young person.

I was always questioning stuff about why do we do things the way we do. And what sort of value does it create and how does it impact on the consequences rather than being a passive rider on this journey. The challenge is, it’s sometimes it’s hard because you’re actually pushing against the status quo.

You’re not going through life passively. You’re actually trying to make it, questioning stuff and why things happen the way they do so you can understand it or relate to it and put it into alignment with what you’re doing in your own journey.

You’ve got words like authenticity or be authentic. We hear that all the time. “Be true to yourself.” What the hell does that mean?

When it comes down to crunch, when you have to make a compromise, when you have to choose one thing over another you’ve got a clear idea of what is right what is wrong but sometimes those lines are blurred because of choices you need to make which are much more convenient. I think that’s sometimes challenging, especially in business when ethics is really so quite critical. But you have to make money. So how do you get that balance? How do you ensure that you’re being sustainable on all levels and where are you looking to actually get advice or that inspiration to be like that?

About Katrina

Katrina Donaghy is the founder of Women in Blockchain and the CEO of Civic Ledger.