Where are you from?

Mackay, Queensland, Australia

What’s your background?

I grew up in country Victoria on a dairy farm. I went to primary school there and then went to high school in a local town which probably only had 2.5K people in the town so was pretty small. And then I went to university in Bendigo, Victoria and I’ve moved around since then.

Describe your life right now

It’s pretty sweet. It’s never dull. I’m the controller of my own destiny at the moment and I’m shaping the path I want which is cool.

I’m a nurse and I never wanted to nurse for money and as soon as I was needing to nurse for money I was probably going to give up and that’s happened already. I made a decision and now I have a startup and I’ve got a social enterprise that is pushing for social impact and improving the lives of health professionals and the people we care for. That’s really what drives me and I’m really starting to like nursing again. I’ve got good variety and I feel like I’m pushing towards a higher significance for myself. It makes me happy.

What’s important to you and your life?

I need uncertainty. I need variety in my life so I need to be doing different stuff. And I also need to feel like I’m producing significance for myself but for others as well. They are my core needs that I need to fulfil for me just to be happy. If I’ve got them I can handle lots of other stresses. So I’m in a good place for that now and it’s helped me grow. I’m quite content.

What specific experiences have shaped your view?

The Crowdround Unconference has helped. I started watching TED talks probably 4 or 5 years ago and I just fell in love with them. I love the sharing of ideas and the ideas that are created in your head. So, the first time I came to the Unconference I had the same feeling. I just love being around an inspired group of people and all of a sudden your ideas grow and develop.

About Athol

Athol is a nurse and the founder of Athol Tech.